Fortress Trust Under Siege!!

Trusts are under attack - again!

So you thought that trust you set up years ago (before you even met your beloved) was a fortress to protect your assets?

Your marriage is over, and your now ex beloved wants at least half of what you've worked hard for. You think the ex can't touch what's in the trust - they're not a trustee andnot even a beneficiary. You control it all. That's why you set it up all those years ago.

Hard luck. Recent Court decisions have said that if there is too much control in the hands of the person establishing the trust (who may be both settlor and trustee) - ie you -  there is no trust at all - meaning you now have a big problem if your trust fits this description. The fortress has crumbled, and the assets are exposed to looting and pillage. No matter that the ex wasn't around at the time the trust was set up.

I can look at your trust and give you advice on what steps, if any, you need to take to protect your position. The price will be worth it!

If this sounds like you, give me a call to discuss things.